They Were Passed On To You

I Was as an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #40

As we approach the New Year, financial concerns should not be the #1 concern, stress element, or issue we are facing. I would to see my follow citizens not just wanting to be better, to also do better.

We have entered into a new way of living and we must confront, conform and condemn without fear or we are destined to fail.

More technology should create more opportunities!

More opportunities should create peace of mind!

Peace of mind should create trust!

Trust should create respect!

Respect should create loyalty!

Loyalty should create an open line of communication!

For the first time in our history we have four generation live, breathing, working and coexisting. The greatest challenge I see us facing, is communication.

Think of the last time you heard comments like these …

  1. You’re right, but I’m the boss!
  2. Just do your job!
  3. I remember when …
  4. The kid wants a promotion after six months on the job!                                            No!

How did you react? Were you offended? Were you okay with the comment? Did you understand, or not understand, why someone would say these words? The words and your reaction, as well as the reactions of others, reflect generational differences in the workplace.

I found this article some time ago by Greg Hammill Mixing and Managing Four Generation of Employees. It was than when I first started realizing our concerns, issues or problems are generational and we make then confrontational.

The first time I read the article, it made sense. Now that I’m reading it yet again, it makes even more sense.

There is a serious problem not just in the work place, rather in society and on all fronts. It’s truly has nothing to do with downsizing, global competition, pointy-haired bosses, stress or greed. Instead, it is the problem of distinct generations

Government, industry, institutions, organizations, businesses and our legal structure on a grand scale have compromised the very foundation of what makes us all so great. Our individualism, our ability to share, contribute, our sense of purpose which gives us value, had been stolen along with the possibility of hope for curtain ethic groups.

The Power of Four

The Veterans, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y working together and often colliding as their paths cross. Individuals with different values, different ideas, different ways of getting things done and different ways of communicating in the workplace have always existed. So, why is this becoming a problem now?


We don’t know how to speak to each other! Rather we speak at each other with disrespect, doubt, ever passing more and more judgment, instead of reassurance and encouragement.

We have created a nation of doubters, instead of doers!

A nation of American’t, instead of Americans!

A nation of whiners, instead of winners!

A nation that divides, instead of units!

A nation looking at the past, instead of to the future!

If you want to know who you are and how to exist, you first have to know from which you come. We all come from great generational groups; should you not know the personal and lifestyle characteristics of those generational groups you will always be questioning your existence.

Mixing and Managing Four Generation of Employees is a fantastic read and I would recommend it to all.

Thank you, Greg Hammill for a great read and allowing me to share your great work.

Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons.

It’s time now, more than ever for citizens to get their house in order. If you are unsure how to start the process, it starts with a proper mindset; overcoming your fears of financial matters, creating financial wellness through financial education and financial literacy.

I got tired of hearing the system is broken and decided to do something about it.

The word FEEL in The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym is an acronym.

F- Financial: You must have a great relationship with you finances.

E- Education: This is the foundation to which opportunities can grow.

E- Employment: Where you gain experience and knowledge to be a leader. It should not be a chore!

L- Legal: There will come a time in everyone's life where you will need proper legal representation.

The FEEL Center Project was created 01/2014. We received our LLC status 06/2014. The Financial Fitness Gym was added to the business model to address options for all income levels.

My goal was to create a financial resource learning center, which allows citizens from all walks of life, all income levels, all educational backgrounds and all ethnicity to find real long term financial, educational, employment and legal solutions, not just short term fixes.

To partner with other entrepreneurs, industry leaders, youth groups, financial organization, academic professional and legal scholars. To address financial inequality due to inadequate financial literacy and financial wellness which I believe is the core reason, so many of our citizens, here in America and globally struggle.

I believe I have done just that!

Financial stress is the #1 cause of stress in our life. How we manage it will determine what kind of financial future we shall have. Society has and continues to create citizens, which rely on others to do their financial biding, when our finances should and must be managed by each and every citizen.

One need not be an economist to understand the basic rules!

Debt is not the problem! How one manages it is! How is your financial wellness?

What we don’t know about our financial system, debt structure, and monetary failures has created ignorance which allows fear to fester, manipulation and deception to infiltrate certain industries, businesses, institution, organization and yes government to exploit that fear.

This only validates the belief which so many citizens in the struggle feel, witness or are subject to. Must we go another 50 years before meaningful change reaching certain ethic groups?

We have bread destruction within certain ethic groups and it is overdue time to correct this wrong.

In the last 3 decades government and citizens have allowed industry, which have made billions off the backs of hard working citizens. Industries which have and continue to manipulate, deceive, compromise, mislead and create a culture of bad practices all in the name of greed. Industries which disregard their own mission statements and core values! Industries which retaliate have hostile work environment and substandard management oversight for personal gain at the expense of others.

There are billion dollar industries, making righteous profits manipulating the courts systems. i.e. Junk Debt Buyers, Debt Collection Agencies and The Major three reporting agencies (Experian, Trans union and Equifax). Is it not time to give citizens a fighting chance and create an industry which takes the pain out of dealing with threats, lies, and cheats who prey on our most vulnerable?

The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym could be the financial resource center which could restore financial wellness and educate families on financial fitness; financial security through financial education and financial literacy.

The next two years will set the stage for the future in which we want to live. I believe we are up to the task; we just have to stop waiting for things to happen and start making things happen.

I want a future for our citizens free from unnecessary financial stress and The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym can assist you and yours in reaching your desired financial wellness goals.

Citizens have more options than one think, citizens just have to stop listening to those who are hell bent on saying we don’t and we can’t!

What kind of future do you want?

I’m living my dream and sharing my passion for financial wellness with restoring faith to those who need guidance related to personal financial matters. The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym will aid citizens in combating the complexities of the monetary and financial structure.

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I’m an American citizen, but citizens across the globe are in need of solutions and with your help we can make a difference. I’m just one; one who believes in us all.

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement

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