Genius Hour, Minute 1

by yours truly, Dylan Hoang


Magi: Sinbad Djinn Equip

Anime is my passion, it takes my mind off stress and lets me explore and imagine the exciting things that could never come to reality...but that's the good part, its all in the imagination

One of my favorite anime shows is Fairy Tail. The anime is quite the same time...they're a bunch of weirdos, but what anime isn't silly?

Fairy Tail Screensaver

So frequently I read online that an anonymous asked what's the difference between anime and manga. So I'll cite an article that answered a similar question...

1. Some people say manga and anime are Japanese culture- not really, its technically asian.

2. Manga come in forms of comics that lead to people thinking it ripped off Western comics such as Marvel and DC. Again, not true.

3.  People say comics and manga are for kids only. Actually, Manga ranges in audience from children to ...perverted men. But the are based on the same rule, to entertain and deliver delight.

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