Why You Need To Be An Expert To Stay Safe Online

To stay safe online you must by an expert as it takes an expert to decipher if something is a scam or legitimate. An expert would also know how to deal with the situation if he had lost money or been hacked.

5 reasons about staying safe online

Reason 1

You need to be an expert online to protect your financial security. An expert can differentiate between a scam and legitimacy. To protect your financial security against scams it important to never put your credit card details online unless it is from a trusted site like Ebay and Paypal. However even these sites cannot be trusted as you can be sold a fulty product, be sold a fake or even then, not even exist to begin with (Daily Mail 2014). Although an expert would know to read the description carefully to make shore that he is not being ripped off, but if he is ripped off then an expert would know that he can get his money back through his credit card provider. An expert also knows that financial institutions would never ask for important information like this through email.

Reason 2

The protect your self-esteem online you need to be an expert. Online dating scams pray on desperate people, in an attempt to ultimately rob them of money. There two types of online dating scams. One is a is an online dating scam email and two being a legitimate online dating websites although the scammers create a fake profile to appeal to desperate people. Both of which you need to be an expert to determine if it’s a scam or not. The dating scam emails, appear in your in box and they say something like “Hi my name is … and I’m recently single looking for love (Scamming Scammers).” Being as desperate as you are you click the ad, which installs a vires on your computer which steels your bank details and personal details, leaving you with nothing and no self-esteem. The other type of scam starts out by using a legit dating website. You then meet someone and you start talking and you feel like your both getting along well. So you will ask do you want to meet up. But it then turns out they’re bankrupted and ask for some money to meet up and because you’re not an expert and you’re so sucked in you do it and lose your money and it turns out they were fake all along (Commonwealth of Australia).

Reason 3

You need to be an expert to ensure your private and professional life are separated. Any fallouts in your home life could leak into your work life. A expert makes appropriate judgements as to what professional information they post online. It’s alright to post that you work at KFC or McDonalds, but when you start posting more personal information online for your work boss or colleges to see this is when work and home life can start to conflict. An expert would separate the two because if something like you had a brake up with your wife you wouldn’t want your work mates to find out. As this Texas vet found out when she was fired for killing a cat with bow and arrow (ecorazzi.com). In this and other cases this can lead to the loss of your job. Always think before you send.   

Reason 4

To understand the importance of locational privacy. An expert will think twice before posting their location information and thinking about the real-life consequences first. Posting your location online can be alright as long as you know who your posting it to, but most of the time it’s not alright. Giving your personal location on the internet is incompetent. For example if you post your having dinner in the city that night, then you are just inviting burglars to burgle the house. Not only could this happen but it can lead to people stalking you which can become very unsafe. Also if you do something bad online or your being bullied online you can just turn off the computer to get away from it all but because you have posted your address on line they can now hunt you down of send you disturbing letters. Like Glenn McGrath African hunting photos spark him to receive death threats (Sydney Morning Herold).

Reason 5

To understand the storage of personal data over time you need to be an expert. An expert will consider the long term implications of the personal data they share. A non-expert will not. Protecting your personal data online is extremely important for your safety and well-being. Personal data consists of your address, phone number, date of birth and your full name. An expert would never post his personal data on social media or anywhere public on the internet, as posting your address phone number online can lead to stalking and disturbing calls. Posting your full name and date of birth on the internet is extremely dangerous as it can result in identity theft. As this American soldier abroad in Iraq discovered his bank account was repeatedly being accessed online and drained. Placing your first name, last name and your day and month of your birthday is alright because ID thieves cannot use this data. This is why it is very important to be an expert for your own safety.

What You Need To Do

To draw to a conclusion you do need to be an expert to stay safe online. It is extremely evident that being an expert protects you from bankruptcy, identity theft, stokers, loss of a job and future out comes. To protect yourself from these five reasons. I sagest to read up more about internet safety to become more aware and really think about what you’re posting before you post it. Because once it’s on the internet it’s on there for ever.


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