She did this

She said that

He did this

He did that

Did you hear

Did you know

Why did you say that

How could you

I cant believe

Now everyone hates me

It happens everyday

People just say things

Do you believe it

Or do you know it cant be

Do you go along with it

or say theres no way

You know you should

just yell STOP

But no,

peer pruser gets the best of you

But what if it was about you

How’d you feel

Knowing that every time you walk in a room

the whispers stop, stare and smack you in the face

Why are you okay with this

Why would you start it

For what

What does it give you

What do you get out of it

Because let me tell you

All it does is make you seem jealous

And that you have no self cofindence

So when you do it your not just hurting the other person

But also yourself

So just stop!

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2 years ago

that's really good you are so right

2 years ago

@ryleighmoore Awe thanks!