Exploration Proposal

TOP SECRET: King Henry VIII of England,
A mission only meant for the strongest and bravest of men...

      Dear King Henry VIII,                                                                 

Your majesty, 1545 will be the year I will be leaving to explore. I will train my men to be strong, but also to have a strong immune system. I will plan my trip and will try to think of all possible situations that might go during the adventure.

I am an England citizen, and I think I am worthy of this journey to the unknown islands. I am born to very healthy and decently wealthy parents. I have a determined mind to earn you more wealth.

If I am going to America, I will get you gold and a colossal amount of land/territory.

Also, to fulfill your needs, I will need to look for something of my own. I will be looking for very sharp and strong buffalo bones, to make weapons for any need defending and conquering. I will be looking for animal hides, to camouflage in war or just for clothing.I will also be looking for natural resources to survive in the new lands.

In North America, I will be going to the Great Plain area, which is covered with giant grasslands and buffalo.

Here's Where: Around the red pin.

My men will be in competition with one colony. This colony is Coronado and his men. I will try to cooperate and get some land, but if he treats my men poorly, I will use force.

Coronado is looking for the Seven Cities of Gold. Or to say it simply, gold is the resource Coronado is looking for. Also, I will fight if had to.

Altogether, I will be cooperative, but if any colony interferes with my mission, I am not afraid to be offensive.

I expect to encounter American Indians, and I will treat them very nicely and try to cooperate. I would tell my men to learn how to make weapons and how to fight from the American Indians. I will try to make an alliance with the Lakota Indians.

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