Chinese and Korean influence on Japan's Economy, Politics and Culture

In what ways were Japan's culture, politics, and economy influenced by China and Korea? How did Japan's geography contribute to this influence?

One way china influenced Japan, was when the two civilizations first met, there was no written Japanese Language. When the cultures met Japan adopted the Chinese script, so that communication between empires was possible. Over the centuries, the styles of writing have changed enough that they are now unique.

Another way china influenced Japan, was without an organized religion, there was a strong appeal for both buddhism and confucianism, when China and Japan met. Many in Japan still believed in their older Shinto beliefs. Even within the native shinto beliefs, building shrines and temples came from the chinese approach to buddhism.

Another way China influenced Japan, though both nations had an imperial court form of government in the past, the Japanese emperor adopted many aspects of the chinese bureaucracy.

One way Korea influenced Japan was they sent military aid to japan when they got invaded.

Another way Korea influenced Japan was through trade, they were constantly in touch through trade, diplomacy, piracy.

Another way Korea influenced Japan was through buddhism, Japan got first introduced to buddhism through Korea.

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