In Search of a Waitress!!

Do you live in the Cameron, Texas area and need a job? Well Los Comales is in search of a waitress with flexible hours and hard work ethic.

Los Comales is a family owned buisness located at 2106 N Travis Ave. This buisness has been around for many years now and it's still going. It's open 7 days a week 6am- 10pm, but closes for holidays. Los Comales is a very huge hit for the people of Cameron, Texas especially after sports games.  

Los Comales is looking for someone who:

*Can deal with flexible hours

*Has had some type of working experience

*Is great with people

*Rarely messes up

*Has a hard work ethic

Now if you're all the things above, stop by and pick up an application any time, any day (Holidays not included) between 6am to 10pm!

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