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Bible Verse for the day:
"May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other"
Genesis 31:49

At our last EDM, we talked about possibly having a e-newsletter where we could post prayer requests and other news or announcements.  I read about this web page creator and thought I would give it a try.  Not really sure how it works - I don't think you have to be on FB to see it - but we will soon find out.

I have added a few photos - and checked FB several times, and I think as long as no one clicks "post to Facebook" in the comment section - the messages will stay within the GIG's.

So I think the way this could work is - if you have a prayer request, or a meeting change, reminder, or whatever - you could go to this web page - which  you can book mark or add a shortcut for to your desktop, and in the section below where is says "Get in Touch" - you would type your message and hit send message - and the message would be sent to me - and then I would post it to this web page -and again, as long as no one makes a comment in the "comments section" or is sure the post to facebook is NOT CHECKED - then the communications should be just among us.

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