Brett Lewis Jr Hr 1

The topsoil of America that was once clean, pure, and had been home to Indians for countless generations is now stained with blood robbed of its beauty, and has been raped and pillaged by the white man what a Waste. The white man dammed up streams so they could always have water power for their mills .Cut down 100’s of 1,000’s of trees for lumber industries, and that’s an understatement. They drove out Indians so they could have land to build on. They employed under the age of 15 and that took children’s late childhood away; In 1910 1.63 million children. They also spread out the urban areas in 1870 the percent of US population living in rural areas was 74% in 1910 it was only 54%. Look at it this way those people living in the rural areas generate our food, now there’s less of them. We need trees to breathe clean air and we’re massacring them. were messing with fish breeding because we’re damming their streams. Were supporting sweat shops when we buy from those mills that moved over to China, Iraq, and other foreign countries.

Picture of a small job at the lumber industry

Children working inside a sweatshop

White mans Cavalry units driving natives out of their homes

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