welcome to my Langatopa society

By: Karen Reyna.

Our government in Langatopa is different then any other place. You are allowed to vote when you turn 10.You are allowed to choose any person you want to marry.You do not have to work in order to get money. Government will keep all families with everything they need.



In Langatopa, there is all types of different churches. Any religion you belong to is allowed. It doesn't matter if your Catholic, Lutheran etc. You will still be allowed in our society.For us religion doesn't matter we have all types of church's all around our society.


There is alot of shopping centers that provide all types of clothes for a less deal. We have a total of 10 shopping center that sell shirts from good brands. Try buying a shirt for only 1.99 in each shopping center. We have all kinds of styles that you want and it's the same with pants .


In Lathopia, we have a majority of sports. This includes Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball,etc. There is one special place for all kinds of sports which is free and there is a bunch of stations in the same place. We provide free food and drinks with no price. It is open 24 hours a day. It is a big place for you and your friends to come socialize.


The food we have here is the most delicious food ever. We have a variety of all kinds of food that you love it includes French, Italian, Mexican, American, etc.

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