Internet Safety Poster

By: Cassidy Newbold and Briana McComber

Internet safety :

*When you are on the internet you have to be careful.

*Don't go on anything inappropriate.

Risks and scams:

Some risks that kids face online is threats and scams: bullying (such as verbal)

*The scams are: pop up ads (that say “ You won a trip to the Bahamas.”)

Stay safe:

*To protect yourself, you shouldn’t share your information *personal info *passwords etc.*


*Don’t go on inappropriate things because you will get in trouble

*When you are at school don’t go on: your messages or on any social networking sites such as "Facebook,twitter, Instagram and Oovoo."

Stay smart:

*Don’t--- post inappropriate pictures of yourself

*don’t swear (it will get you in trouble)

*during class don’t go on any sites that your not support to go on.

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