NoPantsCLE brings you the HOTTEST day of the year!

This Undie Vortex is working its way around the world this weekend,
heating things up a bit right here!

That's not just a figure of speech we're throwing around up there. This Saturday, January 11, is forecast to be Cleveland's warmest day of 2014 so far... so come spend it with the coolest people in the world! Improv Everywhere and NoPantsCLE are heating things up just for you... and maybe close to 30 other countries around the world.

==>It's time for the Global No Pants Subway Ride!<==
Bring the neighbors, bring the kids (it's still a G-rated ride), and bring your own RTA fare. Meet us (with all your clothes on and a bag or backpack for your pants) by the Loren Naji sculpture outside the W. 25th Rapid Station by 1 p.m.

Q: Links to other websites for more details and background?
A: Sure!


"Show off that holiday weight gain AND those new undies! Go Martha Stewart style and beadazzle yourself the sweetest lycra/cotton/poly blend this city's ever seen. Give yourself whatever permission you need to step up with us, through that looking glass, so that YOU'RE the one somebody might glance at, crack a smile, and think 'I wish I were them.'"

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