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With the arrival of Teddy Roosevelt as president in 1901, an entire wing of society that was primarily focused on improving the United States as a nation and a people came to the fore.  The Progressives had their roots in the uprisings of the late 1800's and with the power of the Presidency on their side, they were able to push many reforms through.  Below you will find a series of buttons that will give you information on key Progressive Era reformers.  Please jot down notes on each reformer in your journal, this will be a part of your journal grades. Sometimes it's good to push somebody's buttons...

Progressive reformers took on all aspects of society, working tirelessly to improve whatever aspect of society they felt they could impact.  Everything was on the table, including, but not limited too...

~Women's Suffrage

~Environmental Protection

~Improving Working Conditions and Pay

~Temperance Movement or the movement towards Prohibition

~Regulating and breaking up Monopolistic business practices

~Improving the election process

~Safer Consumer Products

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Perhaps the most famous of the Muckrakers was Upton Sinclair.  He wrote the book The Jungle in 1906, and instantly grabbed the public's attention.  The book was meant to be a graphic expose on the living and working conditions of immigrants in Chicago's stockyards, in that regard it failed.  Read the following excerpt from the book as it describes the working and operating conditions of a meat packing plant and you will soon figure out what changes this book drove society too...


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