Belief Systems

By: Katie Morris

Animism was founded in Africa. The people of this belief system are called Animists, and they do not have a holy book for their belief. The Animists worshiped animals and nature, and believed that all that is living or non-living has a soul. Animism has holy places, such as forests, mountain forests, and rivers. Parts of forests and the animals that live in them are considered sacred. This belief has impacted the culture by how much respect they have for nature.

Shintoism started in Japan, and they believe in spirits and nature. They do not have a Holy book, but they are wholly devoted to this world. The main belief in Shintoism is they believe in spirits and nature, and this belief impacted the culture, by having great respect for the natural world. The Shintos' worship is ritualized a lot, and has strict conventions of protocol, order, and control.

Hinduism started in India, and doesn't move to other places. They are called Hindus, and Hinduism is followed by most of the people od India and Nepal. Their holy book is called Vedas, and the Hindus' main belief is that they believe in reincarnation- where one's soul is reborn into another form. This belief affected the culture, by having the Hindus try to lead a good life in order to keep moving toward perfection.

Buddhism started in India and moved to China and Southeast Asia. The people are called Buddhists. Buddhism doesn't have a holy text, and they don't worship gods or deities. The main belief in Buddhism is to end your suffering by ending your desires. The belief impacted the culture by them learning to accept things in life. Buddhism has a day called Dharma Day. Dharma Day is the day that Buddhists start their teachings.

Taoism originated from China, and their holy book is called the Tao Te Ching. Taoism has become popular around the world through Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and various martial arts. Their main belief is that they follow the way of nature (accept the things you cannot change.) A major ritual in Taoism is called the chiao, which is a rite of cosmetic renewal. The belief affected the culture by them not challenging the natural process.

Confucianism was founded in China.

Judaism started in the Middle East.

Christianity originated in the Middle East.

Islam was started in the Middle East.

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