Favorite Season

   During this season you can hear many different things. You may hear birds chirping early in the morning. Kids playing outside in the sunshine on a hot day. Boys and girls all talking and playing enjoying having no school for 2 months!

   Most fell very excited and joyful during this season. it is a time of relaxation and excitement. There are lots of fun things to do. you can feel the wonderful breeze outside on a hot day. Once again this season can have many different great feelings.

   This season looks beautiful it is full of many colors. You may see the sunshine on a hot day. The kids playing outside enjoying the nice weather and so much more. there is so much things to do and so much different things to see.

   There aren't too many specific foods people eat during this season but there are some. one of the most common is ice cream. ice cream is a great thing to eat during this time because its hot. and ice cream is delicious and perfect for this season. It just tastes so sweet!

   The most wonderful thing of all in this season is the smell. It usually smells great! it smells like flowers and grass. But sometimes it also smells like wet dog and rain. But the best thing is it usually smells great during this season!

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