Sir. Francis Galton
By Merrick Duff

Sir. Francis Galton was a psychologist that believed in inheritable traits witch is the believe that as children all of our various traits come from our parents rather than we gain our personality from personal experiences that we encounter in our lives as we grow up and mature into who we are. Born in Birmingham, England, on February 16, 1822, Francis Galton was an explorer and anthropologist known for his studies in eugenics and human intelligence. As a child, Galton rejected conventional methods of teaching, and he began studying medicine in his teens. He soon embraced a passion for travel with the help from a sufficient fortune left to him from his father. A cousin of Charles Darwin, Galton researched the implications of Darwin’s theory of evolution, focusing on human genius and selective mating.

I don't agry with what Sir. Francis believed in but i do think that what he contributed was important to today psychology. Him along with other developmental psychologist bring new ways of looking about how children gain their live experiences. I personally believe that as we grow up we gain life experiences. I picked him so that i could compare my though of thinking to his.

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