hope castro

Session 1

s      tells me the type  of cells there are like basophils and neutrophils and eosinophils and B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes and monocytes.

Session 2

s      I explain how the body different immune responses work and I learned about the antibodies and the antigens

Session 3

s     I identify the types of microscopes and I explained how the microscope has helped advance the field of medicine and I learned how to use the microscope

Session 4

s        I had to indentify bacteria  and classify bacteria from micrographs

Session 5

s     I had to compare sizes of the human cells and I had to research the prevention and treatment of viral disease

Session 6

s   I learned about the protest and fungi and I had to indentify methods of preventions and treatment of protest and fungal diseases

Session 7

s    I had to identify the beneifits and risks of exposure to sunlight and I develop a personal health plan.

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