Don't grou me

Dear Mother

I hate having to sell your stupid things and then get in trouble for getting the wrong item.Mother i am too old to get grounded for not filly your request.You can't ground me for selling the cow.We should plant the beans to see if they grow.You should trust me since i am 13 and you never let me do anything.Mother now you must not ground me for getting things mixed up.

Firstly mother, asked me to sell the cow and what did i do, i sold it and i got 3 beans.It is not good to ground your kid for making one silly mistake.Any one would have bout those beans because they are magic for goodness sake.It is not far time and time again for me to get grounded for doing one mistake.So you should not be able to ground me for selling the cow for beans.

Secondly mother, you never know what will happen if you were to plant the magic beans.It could grow really quickly like your annoying grounding theme .What happens if they grow so tall that they go into the huge clouds. Image what could be up there maybe a huge ogre with a duck laying golden eggs.So i fermly believe we should plant the beans.

You should trust me since i am older anuff to do stuff without you helping me.It is not fare that you don't let me do anything, with out your permission.Since i am 13 and all most 15 and i need to now good designs to chose from.I bet when you were a kid you had a lot of designs to chose from.I bet when dad was here you would have let me do stuff with out your permission.So you should deftly let me have my own choices.

Now mother you must let me have my own choices.When i grow up and you told me everything to do what will i know to do.So mother that is why you should deftly not grown me for getting the wrong think.

You sensitively

  • Andy

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