Estonian counties

The capital

The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. There are 411,063 residents in Tallinn.  The mayor is Edgar Savisaar.

The flag of Estonia

This is the flag of Estonia.The colours are blue, black and white. Blue means sky, black means soil and white means pureness.


Estonian celebrities

Tanel Padar

Tanel Padar is an Estonian singer. He is in the band called The Sun. He won the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with Dave Benton, they sang "Everybody". He has released 8 music albums. Listen:


This is a picture of Dave Benton and Tanel Padar.


Ott Sepp

This is Ott Sepp, he is an actor. He is 33 years old. He has played in a comedy show named "Tujurikkuja". He has also played in 9 films and  7  TV shows.


Märt Avandi

This is Märt Avandi, he is an actor and a comedian. He is 34 years old. He is marreid to Liis-Katrin Avandi. They have two kids, Herman and Helmi.


Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi

They are friends. They played together in "Kättemaksukontor" and "Tujurikkuja".


The President

The President of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves. He is married to Evelin Ilves. He started his career as the President on 9 of October in 2006. Toomas Hendrik Ilves used to live in the USA. He has met Barack Obama several times.


We use euro in Estonia.  Estonia started using euro on 1 of January in 2011.

Estonian landmarks

Kadrioru Park

One of the most beautiful places in Kadrioru Park is a pond.

Stenbock House

Stenbock House is the official seat of the Government of Estonia.

Kaali Meteorite Crater

Eighteen kilometers from Kuressaare towards Kuivastu is the location of Estonia's most unique geological object, Kaali Lake.


This is the anthem of Estonia. Johann Voldemar Jannsen wrote words to this song in 1869.

Famous brands

Kalev Chocolate Factory

Kalev Chocolate Factory makes chocolate and candies.

Tallinn sprat

These tasty sprats are famous worldwide.

Old Tallinn Liqueur

It is alcohol. It is an Estonian liqueur.

The most popular sport

The most popular sport in Estonia is wife-carrying. It was invented in Väike-Maarja.

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