What About Me?

Kali N.

My dog, Otis, and me.

A little about me:

    I go to Greenacres Middle School. Some of my favorite hobbies include soccer, tennis, swimming, and dog training. I got a black lab puppy last summer, it's his job to drive me crazy. I live on the lake with my family, during the summer I usually just live in the lake.

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#whataboutme Events:

    One of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me was when I took a trip to Africa. My family and I went to Kenya and Tanzania with my grandma, aunt, uncle and his family. I got to see lots of cool animals and meet people from all over the world. My personal, favorite sight was the sunsets. Every day they were beautiful and seemed to last forever. Most of the animals that I saw I had only seen in zoos before. My favorite animal that I saw were the giraffes. They are tall, beautiful, and perfect animals. I also enjoyed seeing the African wild cats, my favorite were the cheetahs. We got to see a mother cheetah and her cubs up close. It was so amazing. Going to Africa showed me things I had never seen and let me explore different cultures and how other people live.

#whataboutme Dream:

   My dream is to become a vet. I want to attend WSU to get a degree as a veterinarian. I want to be a vet because I love animals, I have loved them from the day I was born and hopefully will love them till the day I die. My backup dream job is to become a 5th grade teacher, my mom is a teacher so I'm already pretty good with kids. My dream house is to buy the house that I live in now from my parents. One of my goals/dreams is to get straight A's throughout my entire middle school career. So far I have achieved this goal, this is my last year in middle school so hopefully I won't blow it!

My dream job.

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3 years ago

Kali, yours is really interesting.:) My sister also wants to become a vet!

3 years ago

Kali, what a great @tackk!!!

3 years ago

#featured!! Woohoo!

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