Emotions and Feelings

On my snow day off I didn't do that much stuff. I had a lot of mixed emotions because my family get on my last nerves. I went downtown with my mom we ate soul food, we went looking for my dress for graduation and my dance recital. I had so much I tried on a lot of different dresses and different colors such red, blue, purple, and pink. I tried on two piece dresses and one piece dresses but my dad didn't really agree with me wearing a two piece dress but I'm trying to convince him to let me wear it.

Also, I went to The YMCA with my friends and I really enjoyed myself. I played pool, I went swimming, I played basketball, and I worked out in the gym. I finally beat my friend in a swimming contest, I was so happy. Then when we was all playing pool I was acing like I couldn't play until the end when I made every ball. They was so mad but we was having a lot of fun. When we was playing basketball my friend nook and his brother is really good at it and I couldn't play as good as them but I was mad and happy at the same day. I really enjoyed myself at the YMCA!!!!

I went to my friend house and we was watching Netflick and ate a lot of food. We was watching Carrie, Dance Moms, and American Dad. Carrie was scaring but it was also funny, but I did fall off the couch because I was laughing so hard. We ate fish and potatoes, we had pizza, and we also ate chicken Popeyes. I really enjoyed my snow day off from school.

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