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Obama: ISIS Threats Against U.S. and Allies 'Don't Frighten Us.'

Summary of Story:

Approving to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State terror group (ISIS), President Obama has a plan to help, but, with a strategy to keep the American troops off of ground. Obama plans to have his troops advise and assist those on the ground, as well as having potential U.S. airstrikes on Syria, where the ISIS headquarters are located. U.S. law makers have been debating the best way to stop ISIS, and are confident the airstrikes will be effective. This plan has been approved by military leaders and the Senate. The U.S. is building a coalition to fight the ISIS, because of their threats to the U.S. and allies. Videos were released of U.S. journalists, who were captured and killed by the ISIS, but the U.S. refuses to back down because of the threats. The U.S. and allies agree that this terrorist group needs to be stopped.

Ideals Related to This Story:

Opportunity and Freedom are linked to this story.

The U.S. and allies were threatened by a terrorist group (the ISIS), who took some Americans hostage and killed them on video. The United States has a chance to build their coalition, further and unite their forces, because the ISIS threatening the U.S. and its allies. This gives the coalition a chance to help and unite with other countries, as well as rid a large threat. Also, the ISIS has been taking over villages in northern Syria, and are taking away the freedom of those who live there. They have taken the lives of many innocent people, to make a point to the U.S. and allied states. The ISIS has taken the freedom of others, giving the U.S. an opportunity to strike.

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