This my life

My life can sum up in 3 Words School, work , and fun .  Monday through Friday i wake up at 7:30 to get ready for school i usually take about 30 minutes to get ready and then about my five minutes to prepare my lunch so by 8:10 i should be out the door in my car and on my way to school. When I'm on my way to school i usually turn up  my music only because that's the way i like to have a good morning. i arrive to school and park my car and gather my stuff and walk inside the school to my first period and i go to school for about 5 and half hours. Then i leave school usually I go and grab a late lunch then drive back home. Sometimes I come home to an empty house which is good that means i can sleep in peace after i eat or watch Netflix. Depending if I don't come to an empty house more then likely my mom will tell me to run some errands. I set my alarm for 4 o clock reason why its because i work at sonic and i have to be in at 5. i work from 4 to 5 days for about 6 hours on the weekends 10 hrs On my days off I like to set up plans with my friends like go to the movies, shop go , go out to eat, or go to one another's house

Whenever my Friends and I hang out you know something is about to go down and we wont get home till later that night. We usually get pretty crazy but legal crazy. Its not just a group of girls its girls and guys as well. We always have the greatest time together! Its either Friday or Saturday that we hang out late in the afternoon because my friend and I work in the morning shift at sonic. Its sometimes fun to be at work other times its a hard day. On some days i like to ask off just for family events or to go see my favorite basketball team play. My life is not like a normal routine i do different things all the time just because i have to work around my work schedule. Every new schedule is put on the desk every Saturday for the upcoming week and i plan my week based on my schedule. Something new is always happening everyday and I have learned to expect the unexpected.

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