K-12 Learning Options

EDU 210 Module 9
Rebecca Considine

1. What is Evernote?  Evernote is a free app that allows you to take notes and so much more! You can share information, take audio recordings and photos! It is an easy app that has many functions and if used properly can be a great tool in your classroom.

How can Evernote be used? This program has many uses during and outside of the classroom for both teachers and students. This can allow teachers to share notes, take snapshots of the white board, and keep work sheets on. The program is also a great organizer to help teachers to keep their assessment organized and easy to find using templates for example. It can keep a schedule and keep everyone's life a little bit more organized!

2.  What is Smart Voice Recorder? Smart Voice Recorder is a very simple recording app. You simple press the red circle in the middle and it begins to record all sounds around the phone. Very simple app that records your voice and tells you how long it is. You can organize it with a title once it is recorded.

How can Smart Voice Recorder be used? This very simple app can record voices and this is great for auditory learners or students who are unable to make it to school. You turn on this app and the class can be recorded for students who want to re-listen to the lesson again to study or send to their friends who missed class that day so they don't fall behind. In a high school English class often most of the information is covered during the class through discussions this would be great for a student to record the discussions to remember the information for an exam.

3. What is W.I.S.E (Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations)? WISE is an app that allows the user to grade quizzes, tests, and exams quickly on your device for up to 100 questions. Its a simple fast grading tool!

How can W.I.S.E (Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations) be used? This program is a easy assessing tool that can quickly show you how the students are doing that same day that they wrote the quiz or test. It lets you know right away how the students are doing and if they are ready to move onto the next topic. You can also show students how they are doing with a graph.

What is Interactive Whiteboard? It is a screencasting tool that is fun and easy to use! You can put any concept or content on it. You can easily share this program and take photos, videos, voice recordings, and much more!

How can Interactive Whiteboard be used? Teachers can create instructional videos with this program and share them with their class, or students can show video's with this program for a class presentation. Teachers can also put lesson plans on this program and it is very easy for students to access it.

What is the Audiobooks? This app is an audio book. You select a book and have the choice of simply reading the words or you can turn on the audio having a voice read the words out loud. This is great for auditory learners. It also lets you be able to play the book in the backround white opening up other sections on your device so you can take notes while reading the book.

How can Audiobooks be used in the classroom? This app would be great for your auditory learners in your classroom and it helps students who struggle to read. This app can allow student to select certain words and sentences to be read aloud. This app also saves on buying books for the school because students can read the novel on their phones, ipads, computers, etc. It can allow students to take notes while listening to the book.

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