The Ozone Layer



What is it?

The Ozone Layer refers to a region of the Earth's stratosphere that absorbs the suns UV radiation. The Ozone Layer is mostly found in the lower portion of the stratosphere; though the thickness varies seasonally. it is made up of millions of oxygen and nitrogen molecules. The atmosphere is an important part of what makes Earth liveable. It blocks some of the Sun's dangerous rays from reaching Earth. It traps heat, making Earth a comfortable temperature. And the oxygen within our atmosphere is essential for life.

What does it do?

The Ozone Layer protects us from the suns harmful UV Radiation which cause a lot of health risks such as cancer and birth defects. Also the Ozone Layer helps us to keep oxygen in the atmosphere for life to thrive and release the carbon dioxide.

The ozone layer absorbs 97–99% of the Sun's medium-frequency ultraviolet light (from about 200 nm to 315 nm wavelength), which otherwise would potentially damage exposed life forms near the surface.

how does it help us sustain the Earth's Climate?

The climate of our planet is the result of three main factors: solar energy, the greenhouse effect, and atmospheric and oceanic circulation. In addition, the geographic and seasonal variations in solar energy are determined by the curvature of the Earth, the inclination of its axis and its orbit around the Sun. These factors produce different climatic zones, which in turn affect the distribution of plant, animal and human populations. Our Ozone Layer protects our planet from overheating and killing all life on itself in general. The Ozone Layer also makes it efficient for the UV rays to escape the atmosphere without any harm to our planet. The Layer increases and decreases it's thickness when the weather gets cold or hot.

What is harming it?

WE are the main threat to the earths atmosphere by over using mother earths resources such as oil, coal and natural gas. We are rapidly destroying our planets atmosphere by burning these resources for transportation and heating our homes. Also Landfills and major garbage dumps is another major threat by burning garbage; we are killing our Ozone Layer much faster than the expectancy of this EARTH.

what has been done to protect it?

The European Union has a strong commitment to protect the ozone layer and has put in place legislation that is among the strictest and most advanced in the world. Europe has not only implemented what has been agreed under the Montreal Protocol on protecting the ozone layer but has often phased out dangerous substances faster than required.

What is it like now?

Scientists had theorized since the 1970s about the chemistry that could lead to ozone depletion. But in May 1985 scientists with the British Antarctic Survey shocked the world when they announced the discovery of a huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. quote "It's very difficult to quantify the impact on a global scale, but I think the evidence suggests filling the hole will have a regional effect on the Antarctic, possibly leading to more warming for the bulk of the Antarctic," Shanklin said. "That could drastically change predictions about global sea level change." The ozone layer hole is growing bigger and changing the earths evolution, this could be a concern or will it be an even more concern to fix it? by answering my own question i personally think we should fix it to sustain any type of life that remains on earth today even if it means we have to extinct some species to save the bigger picture (EARTH).

My opinions and how i feel about the issue.

Luckily no one had to find out Key substitutions in hairsprays and refrigerants allowed such products to exist without chlorofluorocarbons, which were found to be RIPPING A HUGE "HOLE" in earths protective Ozone Layer. People should be more considerate with what they use on a daily basis because if not we are all doomed and it is never too late than NEVER.

I also suggest that we all should participate in becoming a more efficient growing population by not using all the earths resources to hurt itself; it is like fighting fire with fire which is majorly unacceptable to my standards and obviously the earths standards. WE ARE BASICALLY KILLING OURSELVES so people lets stop this madness before it is too late.

By: Kimberly Snow

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