This summer I got to help out at 3 camps my church has. This photo is with a group of girls in my Five Day Frenzy 4th-5th grade group! It was so much fun! :)

At the Ren Faire

I also got to go to the Renaissance to visit my friend who was competing in the Irish Dance competition! She was wonderful!

At the Beach

In July, I went with my youth group to Ocean City, Maryland (for the very first time!) My best friend Holly, and I even made mermaid tails out of sand. #mermaids

At the Park

Then I got to go to my best guy friend's basketball games in the park and hung out with his sisters! #BFFs

Surprise Party!

In the beginning of August, my friend had a surprise party for her twin brothers and we all went bowling after dinner!

My 17th BirthDay!

On August 20th, I celebrated my 17th birthday by going to get my nails done, then going to see "The Giver" in theaters with my friend!

Family Vacation!

Finally, I saved the best for last. In the beginning of the summer, my family and I went back to our home town, Corpus Christi, Texas to spend time with family and friends! It was so great seeing everyone and visiting our favorite places.


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