Percent of Change: Cats adopted
By: Nevaeh Frazee

Percent of change is used when you need to find out how much it changed. To show what I know, I decided to show the change of cats adopted. My question: How many more cats were adopted in 2014 than in 1990.

I sat down and took the time to research and found many results. I first decided to try to find the amount of cats adopted in 1990 and had a sucsess after many tries and fails. The amount of cats adopted in 1990 was a pain-stakingly low number with 6.72 million cats adopted. In 2014, many more were adopted. About 95.6 million cats were adopted in 2014.

How to find percent of change:

The eprcent of change is easy to find out, once you know the method. The formula for finding the percent of change is.

High -  low number/ origional= answer * 100= PERCENT

Above shows my answer of a pain-stakingly high number with 1323%. I am suprised by this result because it is an incredible increase of cats adopted. The number of cats adopted in 2014 was so much bigger than in 1990. What could have led to this was probably because back then cats were just getting accustomed to be a regular domestic animal and there were not as many people that knew about them back them. Now, almost every single house has atleast one cat or more.

As you can see, the number increase bigger and bigger each year. I think this because the number already went up a huge amount and there will still be more people in the future that will want to adopt a cat. In mathematical terms, the number of cats will increase by 3% each year.


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