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The Victims and Their Families and Neighbors

             There's a man that has Ebola like symptoms in Monrovia, Liberia . He has been getting the symptoms for 6 days now almost a week. The doctors finally came to the village and a took him in the taxi they put the people in. Once they got to the hospitals they didn't have enough beds for the man the family bring .So the family took him back home and later that day he passed away because the lack of beds.I think they should have more beds that they because its more people dying because of lack of beds not being there. This man died in front of his sons with blood streaming out his mouth at his last breath of air.

In this article noted saying there are more people loved ones that are dying from Ebola at home because of the lack of beds. Only 18% of Ebola patients in Liberia are dying at home because of the beds and also the lack of medical attention they have as well. Liberia is is already one of the places where Ebola outbreak was horrible at. They have a estimate of 1.4 million will be infected by the Jan.20 2015. Will that be true?

The Health Workers/ Fear of Ebola

        In Kolo Bengou, Guinea the virus was believed to have infected people in the village. Many young people blocked the path so that the health care people wouldn't be able to enter. The leader told the health care people that they did’nt want any visitors. Health care providers have been have been threatened with knives, stones and machetes due to the villagers being afraid. Logs across dirt roads block health care teams from reaching villages where the virus is most likely to be. The sick and dead in the village , which whom can’t be helped because of the villagers are possibly infecting others in the village.

Basically , villagers are afraid of the medical teams. If the villagers are afraid of the health care people , the unhealthy possibly infected people aren't able to get help. Whether the village people believe it or not , the health care providers need to be let through. Threatening the medical teams will do them no good. It’s just going to lead to more infected people and piles of more dead bodies which could possibly affect more people.

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