The Balloon Council
Adam, Matt, and Lexy
Period 3

                               This is the best interest group since sliced bread.

"Affirming America's ongoing love affair with balloons." - Actual thing from this group.

What they are trying to do is prevent waste from balloons from entering our environment. The really important waste that they try to manage is helium and latex and aluminum. This group tries to keep these resources from entering our landfills and air.

What are they doing?

Working on passing laws in New York, Massachusetts, and California involving how many balloons you can release in a 24 hour period.

They are working on legislation at the federal level that would try to preserve some of the country's helium so that we will not run out anytime soon.

The have about 80 manufacturers and about 450 individuals registered with their group.

What have they done?

Hurricane Sandy struck and killed 27 people. As a result, they released 27 balloons in Newton, Connecticut. The balloons each had the name of someone that died on them. One of those balloons was found inside of a sea turtle and was responsible for its death. The Balloon Council stepped in and had a debate over the environmental effects of releasing those balloons. That debate caused three states, Virginia, Florida, and Connecticut, to make laws restricting how many balloons you can release at once.

Why is it a big deal?

  • Almost 100,000 animals die every year from balloons. A study over the leading causes of problems for whales showed that balloons are the most common debris released in the ocean in the last five years.
  • Animals that consume jellyfish mistake the balloons for jellyfish, which leads to them choking and dying.
  • In 1993, a plane crashed, killing seven and the cause was believed to have been the release of helium balloons into the air.
  • Balloons float for about ten hours, but take over two years to degrade when they come down.       

    Why should you join?

  • Mr. Mundrick's children will love balloons forever.
  • The Balloon Council is making an impact on the environmental effect balloons have on the environment.
  • It is estimated, for every 20 balloons that we prevent from entering the ocean, we save the life of an aquatic animal.
  • Saving Helium will help us years into the future by allowing us to exploit it for our scientific purposes as well as enjoy balloons for a long time.


Call toll free at 1-800-233-8887

The cost to join is free

You get a sweet decal, and you get to partake in the safe selling of balloons.

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