The Red Planet!!!!!

On Mars Atmosphere is absolutely transparent and very thin. Clouds that are found on the planet surface are made mainly from carbon dioxide and dust. Mars Atmosphere are too weak to create perturbations of the water, Dust storms, are blocking observations of the martian surface, into nocnsideration Atmosphere temperature- 65oC. Considering all events we have to keep in mind its dimensions. IMpact with a critical body and have made changes of planets nucleus. Mars have this “Bad Luck”, that he has been and still is too small. Its gravity is three times smaller than the Earths and the body. Red planets atmosphere in the time of impact was completely troubled. Under collisions they created special zones of fronts. Dusts were brought into space, as a result of big energy. Non concerned with technically details, we can find reasons for this kind of mission 1. Analysis of the chemical fractional compostion of both moons. Phobos and Deimos have very small albedo. 2. Verifacation of the physical and mechanical properties of the cover layer and core drilling to taking geological samples. 3. Near orbiting around the moons to check potential anomalies of gravity and magnetic field. Especially magnetical and electrical conductivity. That depends on what was their position during the impact.

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