The Final Solution: What Happened?

Before the Jewish people actually went into the camps they had to be rounded up. To make it easier the Nazi's would put them into places called ghettos. These places were filthy and disgusting. The Jewish people came from all over Europe and were seen as a threat to society. With the Nazi's rounding up these people they needed to put them somewhere. They opened concentration camps where the Jews were forced to live. There were around 20,000 camps used for one sole purpose. These were used to torture and kill Jews in mass amounts. They used many different types of ways to kill people. They had Gas Vans and Mobile killing units. Those did not kill near as many people as the gas chambers did. They needed a way to get rid of all of these bodies so they had mass burning in crematoriums. In the end all they had left was the ashes of all those people that were innocent. Most of this torture and killing happened in these horrid concentration camps. They were dirty and not in anyway safe to live in.

The first concentration camp was opened in 1933. This camp was called Dachau. Inside these camps were where the Jewish people were treated so poorly. They got little to no food and they were cramped inside tiny shack like things. These camps were heavily guarded by Nazi's and they weren't afraid to use force. While these German Nazi's got to live the life and be rich these innocent Jewish people were being put into gas chambers and killed. After that they would be sent to extremely large crematoriums.

These camps were poorly maintained and guarded by barbed wire in order to keep the Jews from escaping. These camps were shut down in mid-April of 1945. The British forces liberated these camp and found 60,000 prisoners in critical condition. In the end, 6 million Jewish people were killed in the holocaust. By 1945, every 2 out of 3 Jews were being killed.

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