Poe's Personal Life

By:Chloe Johnson

Poe's Family

Poe was born on January 19, 1809. His parents were traveling actors. Poe was the middle child. Hi brother William became a poet but died early in his life. And his sister Rosalle taught penmanship at an all girls school. At the age of three Poe's parents were both dead and the Allan family took him in as a foster child. He had to split up with his siblings. Poe always wanted to become a writer but his foster parents were rich tobacco field owners. Yet, by the age of 13 he published a poetry book.  


In 1826 he left his home to attend the University of Virginia. He did very well in school but went into very serious debt. He tried gambling to gain back and possibly earn back or more of his money. Poe sadly just came into more debt. At the end of first term he had to burn his furniture to keep warm. He dropped out later that year.

After School

When he returned home from school he found that his fiancée Elmira Royster, left him for another man. He later found out that his mother was dying of tuberculoses. He never got to see his mother before she died. Poe was sad and depressed and had no more family. One day Poe left for Virginia on his way to New York then oddly disappeared. He was later found on the streets of Baltimore. He was ill, drunk and not in his own clothes, he was sent to the hospital. He later died on October 7th, 1849.

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