Emil and the detectives

Erich kastner
-Ofek Amram-

Identity card

Name:Emil Fisher

Height: 1.65

Weight: 52.7


Hobbies: Be with his mom , play , sleep, eat pizza.

Favorite food: pizza

Things he likes least:

Dreams:To be rich and famous

settings about Emil and the detectives

Emil lived in Netwed, Germany. His dad died when he was a child and he lived with his mother.

His mother works as a hairdresser.

In the summer Emil goes to visit his uncle in Berlin.

Emil took a lot of money and was robbed. Emil tried to get back his money by catching the thief.


Emil went by train to Berlin. His mother gave him money - for himself and his grandmother.

Emil was robbed on the train when he slept. Emil tried to run after the thief but he didn't catch him.

He met his friends and they decided to help him return the money.

If I had this problem I would go to the police to complain and request to stop the thief.


At night, Emil and the detectives found the thief and the police arrived as well.

When they caught the thief , The police took his money and asked him "how do we know that it's your money?" Emil said: "my mother made small holes in the money so I can attach it to my coat with a pin".

The police looked at the money and saw the holes in the money. They gave the money to Emil. The case was published in the newspaper and Emil received 100 marks.

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