Who I Am

How people see me

~ Personality Proof ~

Personality traits. Things in which add a splash colour to ones average identity, making them unique and different in their own way. Giving them the gift of individuality. in this case I'll be sharing with you two of mine, that I classify as wonderful traits to posses.

In my opinion 'caring' is a very important trait, understanding and truly caring for someone is, I believe, one of the most kind and valued traits to come across. Although many believe they've grasped the idea of being caring, assuming that they posses this trait, why is it so hard to see in others? I think that I am a caring person simply because I love to see others happy and smiling, caring about their feelings and valuing them. There isn't really a specific example I can remember that would be considered an act of caring, yet, I know that I have done so in the past, and I continue to care for others in big ways and small. Caring is something I'm good at and enjoy doing so.

Another trait or should I say skill I believe I may have is the ability to write. Writing has been a skill that I enjoy and practice doing. Although I discovered my passion for writing only this year I like to consider myself a writer simply because I love using my imagination to dream up an interesting topic that people would find attentiveness in reading.

~ My Quote ~

I chose 'when the power of love overcomes the love for power the world will know peace.' Simply because of how true it is. In my opinion people are getting greedier then they already are, and now it's becoming a problem. After what's happened with our government in the past, it's not crazy to say that the world is becoming a power thriving society. That's not how it should be.

When I first saw this quote, scrolling through the many that surround it, I really found interest in it, as it explains what I am trying to explain to other people in such a description, many will understand. I believe this quote is important and meaningful because of the truth behind the words, and the things society is capable of if we all put our mines too it.

Power is not what people should be thriving to receive. It should be the love and happiness others surround them with, that should be their main priority.  

If you could portray a different persona (or even an alter-ego) what would it be, how does it differ from how you usually portray yourself?

In my opinion asking someone if they could be some different being, nothing like them self it would seem as though it would be such an easy answer for some. Most likely stating and highlighting their flaws that their altered person would not obtain, simply because they wish to be perfect. Yet, if we were all the definition of perfection where would that unique and different side in all of us go? The side were all your 'flaws' may stand. If you are to quiet or to loud, to honest or maybe even to reserved. I don't understand why anybody would want to let that go, being that one trait could make you a whole different person compare to the ones surrounding you, the individuality inside of all of us.

With that said, I would not want to portray a different persona of some sort even if I could. Yet, if there is no chose in the matter, I would choose to be someone who stands up for what they believe in and protects others. Much like a super hero such as superman for example, who may have an alter-ego but he always stays true to himself. He is always the same person. It might not seem spas when he is disguised as Clark Kent he is Timor and shy, yet when he is superman he is courageous and strong. Although, have you ever considered he is hiding his personality, much like he is hiding his identity and powers to protect the citizens and himself from threats. Making him gleam with selflessness that many never acknowledge in Clark.

If  I where to have an alter-ego, I would want it to be like Clark, not superman. Because Clark does so much for the citizens as he hides his true identity although he may not want to, protecting them from the side lines and genuinely caring about everyone, if course superman does the same thing but people appreciate and respect him when he does so, no one will ever know what kind of specific Clark made, and although superman and Clark Kent are the same person, the citizens will don't know that. So if I had to be someone remarkably different from myself, it would be someone like Clark. Someone who gives so much, asking for nothing in return.

How is your legacy represented within your digital footprint (twitter, IG, Facebook, Vine?)

When I think about social media, making your own account and or browsing through other pre-existing accounts, what comes to mind is how creative their account is, as they express their self through the internet. If it were to be through tweets or photos on Instagram. They are all different, dropping hints about what kind of person they are and their interests, or maybe even the person they long to be.

Logging on to my social media, in this case Instagram, I like to express my personality through my photos, what Hobbes or interests I engage in with friends and family. Advising family members living far away as to what I've been up too, and vide versa. When I explore the social media that twitter has to offer, I usually enjoy reading funny and inspirational quotes/tweets. Much like my Instagram a account, I enjoy expressing myself, posting tweets that I find interesting, and might just brighten someone's day.

So overall, I believe my digital footprint is entirely up to how others portray my account, and if they believe the quotes I post are just as appealing to them as they are to me, then my account has succeeded in being unique and inspiring. Just then way I want it to be.

Do people see you the way you wish to be seen? How would you like people to see you? Discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan Drive.

Personally I assume that the people I know and care about see me the way I wish to be seen, I believe so because if I wasn't a kind person, people would not want to be around me and or develop a friendship with me if my personality didn't appeal to them.

The ways I present myself to society and my peers is completely up to me, and I have chosen to be a person who cares and values the people around them. Wether they acknowledge how much I care or they don't, I still continue to do so. Some people may also consider me as a creative person being because I enjoy sharing my ideas and using my imagination.

I, myself find that being labeled as creative is a truly flattering trait to have, making me feel like just being my creative self is fantastic, making me different from my peers, letting me express myself and my individuality.

Consider how you portray yourself. What image do you present to society and how do you do it?

Personality is something beyond a trait which is given to label whom it naught address, something more then just words. Everyone is distinctive in their own way, so complex to describe. We could all be kind, even in the most fundamental way, but it's the way we gain that trait and express it, thats what makes us who we are.

When speaking about myself, or to be more specific how I 'portray' myself I tend to Annalise and ask my peers how they conceive me, resulting in answers such as kind, creative or athletic, but I've acknowledged that what society thinks of me, and what I believe I am are two completely different phenomenon a that I now understand and can classify traits for myself in both categories.

In my opinion, I can be considered a kind and caring person simply because I truly value and care about people's feelings and mood. Even if they are unaware. I always try to listen to what's on their mind, letting them know that if they speak, I will listen. I believe. That I present these traits pain society by doing something as simple as looking out for someone or trying to understand them when nobody can, that can make their day and even my day, just knowing I put a smile on someones face.

I believe that these personality traits are stupendously important and wonderful traits to have, simply because they may be needed for beautiful and long-lasting friendships to actualize, maintaining the relationship as you show them they are cared for.

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