The Taxonomy of a Horse

What Is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the classifying of organisms and including plants, animals and microorganisms. There are 7  levels, called Taxon and they are Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Family, and Species.

Each organism is named using a 2-part naming system: the genus and the species.

Taxonomy of a Horse

Kingdom: Animalia-movement and rapid motor response to stimulation

Phylum: Chordata-Bilaterally symmetric animals with notchord, dorsal hollow neutral tube,and gill clefts in the pharynx

Class: Mammalia-Warm-blooded animals with hair covering, females nourish young with milk.

Order: Perissodactyla-Odd-toed hoofed mammals.

Family: Equidae-Horses, Zebras, Donkeys

Genus: Equus-All modern equines: rigid spine, long neck, nose and legs: leg bones with no rotation.

Species: Caballus-True horse.

The Life of a Horse

Horses were first used in Spain for transportation and work. Horses are still used today for work, sport, hobby, and as a companion. Horses average life span is only 25-30 years. Horses only sleep 3-4 hours per day. They can sleep standing or laying down. But since there organs are so large they cant lay down for long periods of time. They can injure them self very easily because of this. Foal-less than 1 year old. Yearling-between 1-2 years. Colt(male) or Filly(female) 2-4 years old. Mare- A female 4 years and older. Gelding(fixed) & Stallion(not fixed)- Male 4 years and older.

Where is the Horse found?

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