The Gorilla Foundation

The amazing break-through foundation

Some  Facts about Koko the gorilla and the Gorilla Foundation

The Gorilla Foundation's main goal is to bring communication with gorilla's to the public with humans. Also, to save gorilla's from extinction. The Gorilla Foundation is non-profit. The foundation was established in 1976. This foundation was the one who made ice-breaking progress with the two gorilla's Koko and Michael. The Gorilla Foundation has several initiatives, including but not limited to: KokoQUEST, KokoSPEAKS and KokoZEST. Koko understands the English language and can sign up to 1,000 symbols! Amazing right? Did you know that Koko has an adopted brother named Michael? She does! Michael died in 2000 at age 27. If the silverback gorilla leader  thinks you're a threat, he'll stand up on his legs, slap his chest, roar and even charge Gorilla's may look big and scary, but they normally are bluffing! The natural enemy of the gorilla is Human speices. .You can learn more about The Gorilla Foundation and the project on Koko and Michael here: Sadly I don't own the pictures they belong to: and

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