The Case of the Stolen Purse

By: Daniel A., Gabe F.

The Crime and the Victim

A purse has been stolen. Victim-Lucy Charles. Place- Six Flags- Atlanta, Georgia. Where it happened- in the line for the either the concession stand, or the batman ride. Detective- Mr. Jake (Tall, black mustache, man, 38) Lucy- Average, blonde, 25



Bill Thomas- Tall, gray beard, man, 48

Rachael Robinson- Tall, brown hair, woman, 22

Jeffrey Kimble-Average height, curly brown hair, boy, 31

Wendy Richardson-Short, red hair, girl, 26


Suspects' Motives:

Bill: Bill doesent make much money.

Rachael: She liked the purse and looked at it a lot.

Jeffrey: He didn't like Lucy Charles.

Wendy: Lucy was mean to Wendy in Wendy's childhood.


Suspects' Alibis:

Bill: He was at a concession stand.

Racheal: In the line for the Batman Ride.

Jeffrey: Finding a parking spot.

Wendy: On a merry-go-round.


To help with the following story:

It was the start of a warm, summer. Lucy Charles was going to six flags after winning a trip there from a lunchables box. She was very excited. Since Lucy's family was rich, she brought her highly expensive purse with her. It was a white one, and very stainless, indeed.

She claims she found it lost when she either got something from the concession stand, or between the trip to the batman ride. She said it wasn't so big to buy another purse, since her family was rich, but there was hundreds of thousands of dollars worth inside of it, and her parents would kill her if they found out, so she told us to work fast. By the way, I'm Mr. Jake, the apparent detective in this situation. She contacted the police when she found her purse gone, so now I'm here to solve the case, unfortunately. We surprisingly already have some suspects, if I can remember their names, they are: Bill, Rachael, Jeffrey, Wendy.

The trip there was long, and it smelled bad, I also thought the air was stuffy. I decided to question them there. When I got there, everything was taped down already.

I thought that was depressing, because I really wanted to ride some rides. I found Lucy, and she said there were still some six flag workers to talk to. It turns out, Bill worked there, one of our suspects! I did a quick questioning to him, and he said he promised he didn't steal it. When I heard that, he kind of dragged himself into his own hole.

He could, not be lying, but I had to find the other suspects to talk to. I found Rachael dug in getting questioned by news people. I told them all to go away because she was one of the suspects from the case, and they finally left. She said she was going to ride the batman ride, but they changed the price and she couldn't. I think she was lying, though.

I asked a bunch of witnesses if they saw her ride it, and they said she did. I couldn't find her to question her more, because the police already dragged her off for more questioning. I guess I'll have to question her more tomorrow. On the other hand, I still had to question Jeffery, but so far, today things have really been falling apart already. I can't find Bill(he's probably hiding), and the police took Rachael back to the base.

Later I found Jeffrey getting questioned by the police. I told the police to let me do the work, so they walked away and let me question him. Witnesses in line for the Batman Ride said they saw Jeffrey in line, and him bump into Lucy Charles by "accident." When I heard this, I had to find out more about Jeffrey. I couldn't find Jeffery later, though after asking witnesses.

I really thought he did it, but I needed REAL evidence. Also, I hadn't spoken to Wendy yet.

I asked her where she was during the crime, but she kept saying "on a Merry-go-round" I figured I should only ask yes or no questions, so I asked her if she was tired, since she kept saying on a merry to round. She managed to mumble "yea." I guess that was a beginning. I asked her if she ever grabbed or took the purse. She managed a nod no, but said "I saw someone with purse besides Lucy. They are staying in four seasons hotel." Wendy even told me when she saw"them"."I saw her at 10:01."


By: Daniel A., and Gabe F.

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Rachael did it! She was jealous of her money and stole it after the batman ride. Wendy also was talking about Rachael being seen holding it and where she was staying so the detectives could find her. Wendy later also said Rachael bribed all the suspects into making themselves seem guilty, but not enough to make them think they did it. Rachael tried to bribe Wendy, but Wendy took the money and told, anyway. She also told us where to find her. At Four Seasons Hotel. All the other suspects fled so they wouldn't be suspected.

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