Patricia Polacco

By: Liam Bogue

Patricia Polacco

Central Idea Statement

In the late 1900’s, in Union City, Michigan, Patricia Polacco wrote books for kids because she grew up in a family of storytellers, and want to help kids that are like how she was.

Summarization of Research

Patricia Polacco is an author that writes books for kids to inspire kids to be kind, and to be themselves. She is writing for kids to enjoy reading, and help them not struggle on reading. Polacco's theme of all of her books is to be yourself, and don't let what others think or do control who you are.

Summarization of the Synthesize Document

Characters: All of the characters were showing how you should end up being or acting. They were all headed in the rigt direction at the end. In the book "Just Plain Fancy", Naomi was secretive about wanting something fancy, because she thought that she would be shunned. Really, she wasn't shunned, because that was a creation made by god. She ended up keeping her fancy peacock, and raised it on their farm. In the book "Thank You, Mr. Falker" Trisha  was having a hard time learning how to read. She was the only person in her third grade class that couldn't read. When she got help from Mr. Falker, she ended up finding out that she had dyslexia, but powered through it, and learned to read. In the book "Mr. Lincoln's Way", Eugene was bullying people a lot. Mr. Lincoln is the principal of Eugene's school, and he saw him one day looking at the atrium (a place for plants and shrubs for birds). Mr. Lincoln noticed that there were no birds, and he fixed the atrium with Eugene to make it a good place for birds.

Writing Style: In all of her books her writing style was indepth, and they were possitive because she showed a person developing in there life with a hard time. In Polacco's book, "Just Plain Fancy", she wrote to embrace who you are and what you find. In the book, "Mr. Lincoln's Way" she wrote passionate because she was showing how she strongly disagreed with racism. In the book, "Thank You, Mr. Falker",  Patricia wrote that book thoughtfully because she went through that in real life, and that helped her a lot.

I read: Thank you, Mr. Falker, Mr.Lincoln's Way, and Just Plain Fancy.

Just Plain Fancy
Thank You, Mr. Falker
Mr. Lincoln's Way
Patricia Polacco quote

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