Anatomy Field Trip Assignment

mLearning at Body World

During our trip to see Body World at the Telus Center you are to take notes, pictures, recordings of what you discover, learn and express what was most interesting to you. While you are exploring the exhibit, engage with the tour guides there and download one of these free apps depending on if you're using iTunes or Android and use them as a reference to enrich your reflection:

Visual Anatomy Lite on iTunes

The free version of the Visual Anatomy app has interactive models of the organs, bones, circulation, nerves and muscles with labels and summaries. It also has a link to online resources for more details.

Human Anatomy on Google play

The Human Anatomy app has illustrations of bones, circulation, muscles nerves, reproduction, urinary, digestion and respiratory systems. All labeled with a description. This app also links to online resources.


You will be handing in a presentation of your notes, pictures, recordings and reflection from Body World. It is my hope that these apps will aid you in capturing everything you experience at Body World. I recommend one of these apps to organize all your materials:

Papyrus on Google play

Papyrus is for those who perfer taking notes with a pen or your finger compared to typling. You can edit your text, import and edit images and export into PDF or share.

Evernote on iTunes

The Evernote app can make notes from snapshots and from audio as well as typing. You can also upload other outside files and edit your text, and share.

Microsoft OneNote on iTunes

OneNote is free for a limited time but you need to sign up for a free Microsoft account. You can create tables and have extra tools like highlighting and a variety of editing tools. You can add pictures and share your work.

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