The Fault in our Stars

Written by: John Green

The Fault in our Stars Trailer


Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main character in The Fault in our Stars. She has terminal cancer in her lungs, and all that she wants is to be treated like a normal person.

Augustus Waters is a cancer survivor who lost his leg .He meets Hazel at support group were he tells them his fear. he fears oblivion, the state of being forgotten. Augustus thinks that Hazel is Natalie Portman's doppelganger.

Isaac is Augustus friend, he will soon loose all his eye sight. Thanks to Isaac, Augustus and Hazel meet.


The Fault in our Stars mostly takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hazel Grace stays in her house most of the time watching her favorite TV shows. Indianapolis is the capital of the most populous city of the U.S state of Indiana. Hazel has never gone out of the state  Indiana due to her health.


Hazel Grace is 17 year old with terminal lung cancer that wants nothing more than to be accepted as a regular person. Since she has cancer in her lungs she caries with her a portable oxygen tank she calls Phillip. She sometimes goes to support group because her mom makes her. One day at support group she meets Augustus waters and become friends.


The theme of the fault in our stars is that there is always the need for love even though it may seem or you think you don't need it. Also, that maybe just one person can change the perspective you see the world.


Augustus Cigarettes: He is laughing at cancer, even though he had it it still did not kill him he survived. He puts the killing thing right between his teeth, but does not give it the power to do its killing.

An Imperial Affliction:  She doesn't really fear death, but she fears what will become of her parents when she is gone just like in her favorite novel. She doesn't like when she thinks about what will her mom do after she dies since her mom takes up all of her time taking care of her. To her it is the only thing that understands  what is happening to her.



When Augustus and Hazel make the word "okay" their "always" it foreshadows that they will be more that friends later on in the book. Isaac and Monica said "always" because their love was always going  to last.


  • Are Hazel and Augustus going to die?
  • What will happen with Hazels parents when she dies?
  • Will Isaac and Monica get back together?


So far the conflict is self vs. self for Hazel since she is battling cancer which is inside her. This is a very big conflict because without her cancer she wouldn't be in the situation she is in right now.  


Text to World:

A lot of kids with terminal cancer want to be treated like normal kids just like Hazel wants to be treated normal.

Text to Text:

Romeo and Juliet and The fault in our Stars both have two people in love in not so favorable situations. Both of their friendships or relationships are crossing boundaries.

Text to Self:

This novel so far has taught me that without pain their wouldn't be any joy. We need them both even though we may not want one of them.

* Quotes *

" That's the thing about pain.... it demands to be felt."

" You put the killing thing right between your teeth but, don't give it the power to do its killing."

"Without pain how how could we know joy?"

" I am a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend."

" I fear oblivion."

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3 years ago

"Okay? Okay."

3 years ago

¨Thats the thing about pain, it demands to be felt¨

3 years ago

"I love it when you talk medical to me"

3 years ago

@maarthaa_g Sameeeee

3 years ago

¨I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up,my friend¨-Augustus

3 years ago

"No, your whole name."

3 years ago

"i bought those kids more time" or something like that

3 years ago

"You probably say that to all the boys that finance your international travel"

3 years ago

¨without pain, how could we know joy¨

3 years ago

You mention that if Hazel didn't have cancer she wouldn't be in this scenario, however do you think that her being in this situation actually helped her in some ways? Perhaps has given her an opportunity that normal people don't normally get?