Everyone should go there

Santa Lucia Beach

Hi friends!

3 weeks ago I was going to play Santa Lucia, Camaguey, Cuba! Luis, Fabiola, Rocio, Pato, Jona and I got there 27 June, at 8 pm. We stayed at a beautiful resort in front of Santa Lucia beach. The picture above is the view of my room: it was incredible! The beach is a real paradise, the ocean is warm with crystalline water, the white sand, and wonderful trees and flowers. The weather was feels like around 40 oC every day while we are there. PERFECT!

We could swim with the fishes and corals, and probably, it was the thing that I liked the most. Also, Cuban people are very kind and friendly, I really liked them! I realized Brazil is very loved there! In the hotel, many people speak Spanish (of course), English and French, so I could practice English all the time; however, sometimes my friends from Chile helped me a lot because when people, who don't speak English, spook Spanish very quickly, I couldn't understand anything even that Spanish is very similar to Portuguese. Thus, I could learning "poquito de espaƱol" (a little bit about Spanish) as well! hahaha

Nevertheless, Cuba is not only paradise. When we went to the interior of the city, we could see so much poverty. Just rich people have car (the cars have 30/40 years), media class have bike, and poor people have, maybe, a house. It is something very different for us. In Cuba, the government is owner of everything, so everyone works for the government, and it is not necessary to pay taxes. The professions for the college are chosen according the people's grades in the school... It seems like another world!  Interesting!

After a week, unfortunately, we had to come back to Canada; however, if I would spend one more week in Cuba, I would really miss Thunder Bay! ahah The travel was awesome, but to come back to home is good too!

Cuban car