Final Solution: Gas and Camps

Death camps- How did they differ from work camps?

The Death camps, or Extermination camps, where made for one soul purpose... To mass murder all the Jews and the "Unwanted"

Concentration camps, on the other hand, had a number of purposes... To work as reformatory facilities, “punishment camps”, POW camps, transit camps, etc.

Sometimes, there would be combined camps. First starting out as concentration camps, they actually decided to turn them into extermination camps also, leaving a ratio of 1/4 of all Jews arriving to these camps would survive, leaving the rest of them to be gassed.

~Use of Gas Chambers~

In these selected extermination camps, the most popular and easiest way to kill these people were gas chambers, allowing then to mass kill a huge group of unwanted humans all at a time.

In these gas chambers, they had chosen selected Men, Woman, and Children. When being directed into these chambers, the guards made sure the prisoners were not expecting anything bad. They played it off as if the were going for showers, or something innocent like that to keep from everyone panicking.

When the people were gassed, they had other prisoners drag the bodies out, removing their hair and anything valuable, before piling them up in a giant ditch to burn them. The bones that obviously do not burn down, were crushed to powder and mixed with the ashes to then be used as ground leveling for landscapes.

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