Vocabulary Squares

Amber Doan

I will be using vocabulary squares to represent vocabulary words and their meaning to show understanding of them.

Vocabulary Words


Definition: made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence: The lake was clear like crystal.


Definition: tough and strong

Sentence: The man carried the boulder with his sinewy hands.


Definition: Strong and muscular

Sentence: The man moved the furniture with his brawny hands.


Definition: minister

Sentence: The parson's wife was going to the dinner party at the squire's.


Definition: Shaped by hammering

Sentence: The sculpture was impressively wrought.


Definition: upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence: My dog sat on his haunches when I said "sit!"

Vocabulary Questions

1. Would a dog sit on his haunches if it were running?

No because if it's running, it would have to be moving its haunches.

2. Would you expect a weight lifter to be brawny?

Yes because brawny means strong.

3. Who would you expect to have sinewy hands?

I would expect a piano player to have sinewy hands because their hands and fingers would be well-trained.

4. If a glass is made of crystal, is it breakable?

Yes because you can break it with a high enough pitch.

5. Would a parson likely be found in a church?

Yes because a parson is a minister.

6. If something is wrought, was it made by hammering?

Yes because wrought means it was shaped by a hammer.

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