April,9 2014

Alliteration- a repeating sound in beginning of words

Assonance-is the repetition of vowel sounds followed by consonants in stressed syllables

Ballads- Song like poems that tell stories

Concrete- poems that have the shape of their subject

Consonance- the same sound at the end of the words

Limericks- humorous five line poems

Lyric- poem that expresses its thoughts and feelings through language

Metaphor-compares two things not using like or as

Meter-a rhythmical pattern in a poem

Onomatopoeia- a hiss in a word or sound ex. bang ,crash etc.

Personification- giving human like characteristics to non-human object

Repetition- a word spoken repentantly

Rhyme-things that sound the same

Simile- comparing two things using like or as

Symbol-anything that represents something else ex. our team players represent la sierra academy or the knights