La Luna Is A Highly Sought After Restaurant Coquillage (Seashell Restaurant) In Paris

La Luna is a popular restaurant coquillage (seashell restaurant) in Paris that has been catering to the seafood needs of customers from many years. The restaurant aims at providing the best, fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced fish dishes and a variety of seafood in an excellent setting. The courteous and professional staff at La Luna is always ready to serve the tempting dishes to their customers. Their master chef Michel Choisnel is skilled in preparing mouthwatering and exotic seafood, desserts, and French dishes using fresh and good quality ingredients.

The availability of the week at La Luna includes a variety of customized oyster dishes, including Pearl White #2, Brittany Hollow No.2, and Plates Belon No.1. They also offer 48 pieces and 96 pieces of Pearl White #2, Hollow Brittany No.2, and 50 pieces of Belon Plate No.1 in a basket. In addition, they also provide white wine with these dishes. This restaurant is specially designed to produce a welcoming, relaxed, and an original ambiance, where guests can enjoy the finest quality dining experience. They also offer a wide selection of tasty wines, which are characterized by violet perfume, white peach, and aromas of apricot.

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About Restaurant La Luna

Located in Paris, Restaurant La Luna is amongst the best Restaurants in Paris. Nestled in an exotic location, the restaurant rates high in terms of everything – be it food quality, service, ambiance, or prices. It serves the guests with the best sea food and French dishes prepared using fresh ingredients. To check out the menu of the restaurant, feel free to browse through their official website i.e.