The Abduction!
By: Peg Kehret

About the Author:

Peg Kehret is a American author. Her last name is pronounced like the English word "carrot". She started writing at the age 11. She wrote Books for kids and children at age 11-15.


When Matt leaves his kindergarten class for a quick trip to the bathroom, he never imagines what would happen next. He suddenly finds himself in a stranger's car going to an unfamiliar place. But is his father, whom he never has never before met, really a "stranger"? When the school bell rings and Matt is nowhere to be found, his frantic sister, Bonnie, realizes that her little brother is not lost, but missing. And she must do everything in her power to save him...even if it puts her own life in danger.


Setting: The setting starts at night at the home of the main characters Matt and Bonnie. Then it moves along to "Mountain Middle School" wich is the name of the school of one of the main characters Bonnie goes to.


The plot was that the father of a young boy decides to kidnap his son who has never seen him before to live with him forever. He kidnapped his son to prove his brother in-law wrong about him having a kid. He planed a simple kidnapping but it did not go as he planed. Instead he ends up being caught by his son's sister who he hates and has no choice but to force her to go with. With the minor set back in his plan he makes a new plan. He decides to take a ferry to his home and kill his son's sister on the way. unfortunatley the kids out smart him and gets help on the ferry and the man is arrested and the kids are brought back home.


Don't talk to strangers and Think befor you do


The main conflict to me was with the father who kidnapped his son. This is because the storry was based on them the most and through out the whole story the father was haviong problems.


Bonnie: Is very smart and brave and she goes all out to find a way to save her brother...even if it put her life in danger.

Matt: Is a good kid he is smart and inlove with baseball but bad at making choices

Mood of story

The story was awesome. It was full of suspense! At most points I would get mad because some characters would do things that were really dumb. Ex In the story Matt who is one of the main characters went with a "stranger" and I got worked up because I thought that was really dumb.

My Thoughts

I thought that the book was awsome! I could never put the book down! Everytime I thought that the book couldn't get any better it did! It was so suspensful! Every page had me hangging off my seat!

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