Besök Sverige. Besök Stockholm.

Visit Sweden. Visit Stockholm.

by Maren Auringer

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is well known for its Royal Palace, Old Town, and rich culture.

Where is it Located?

Stockholm is located on the Eastern edge of Sweden near the Baltic Sea.

Where to Stay?
Though there are many places to stay in Stockholm, a few are worth checking into.


Well renowned for it's rooms which once stayed famous celebrities, the Berns hotel prides itself in being a boutique hotel. This hotel also has it's own bar and restaurant, and is close to things such as the Opera house.

Hotel Birger Jarl

Built in 1974 and renovated in 1999, the Hotel Birger Jarl features a large lobby, which occasionally showcases local artists. This hotel also has a private garage and gym, live music, and dinning area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hotel Esplanade

This beautiful hotel, which overlooks a harbor, this hotel puts you close to many of the best little shops in Östermalm. This hotel is known to attract not only tourists, but also actors from nearby theatres. Unlike other hotels, the Hotel Esplanade doesn't have a restaurant, but it does have breakfast services.

Berns Hotel

Where to Dine?


This restaurant, which is located in an old theater, and has an air which most people describe as "romantic."

Den Gyldene Freden

Located in the Old Town, this restaurant is owned by the Swedish Academy. The Swedish Academy chooses the Nobel Prize for literature, and some say that many decisions were made at the very tables in the Den Gyldene Freden. The menu mixes classic foods with modern ones.


This restaurant resembles something you may have seen years and years ago. It is a rustic beer hall, which is something you would have seen on every street. Many people stop by this relaxed place.

Den Gyldene Freden

What to Do? What to See?
Stockholm is famous for it's old buildings and unique sights.

The Vasa Museum

With over one million visitors each year, this museum is definitely a great thing to go see. Featuring the only preserved seventeenth century ship in the world, this place shows what life on the Vasa ship would have been like. The Vasa is over 95% original, and it took years to restore it.


SkyView is a famous attraction, as it takes you to the very top of the world's largest spherical building. From the top, you get a great view of much of Stockholm.


Where to Shop?

Åhléns City

This department store, which is the largest in Sweden, features everything from clothes, to media, to beauty. It also has a large grocery store in the basement.


Beginning as a store for jeans, this fashion store prides itself in having some of the best fashion for both men and women. This store is located downtown and the demand for their products is huge.


This department stores features vintage and new fashion, books, events, and more.

Åhléns City

Stockholm SkyView

Stockholm Travel Guide

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