52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Album 46/Week 46

Who: Jurassic 5 - "Quality Control"

When: 2000

Why: I missed hip-hop.  J5 came out at time when hip-hop needed them the most.  In 2000, hip-hop was pretty weak. There were a couple groups out that were making good music, but none of them stuck out like J5 did.  Rap-metal, boy bands, and just bad rap. Only a handful of good hip-hop records were released in 2000 (Common, Wu, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and Outkast) but this record stood way out in front to me.  Thanks again to Napster, I found this record after seeing that they were going to be an act in the Warped Tour (because that actually used to matter), which was the same Warped Tour that I would be playing at!  Needless to say, after seeing and meeting them once, I was sold.  Sure, this record is amazing. Smart and positive lyrics, smooth beats, insane samples and cuts, and even perfect 4 part harmonizing! It was a throwback to the old school hip-hop that was so good.  But, J5's recordings couldn't do what they did live. They were a LIVE hip-hop group. To be seen.

When: I've seen J5 about 10 times, and theyre tied with the Beastie's for best live hip-hop act of all time.

Live example

J5 were just a fun group. They promoted everything good about music. They were all very nice guys and it came through in their songs.  But their live show was a sight to see. The DJ's would bounce around the stage playing  school desk drum machines, live drum  kits, GIANT records, and cutting on little kids turntables. The 4 MC's owned the crowd. The mix was perfect, and so was their show. The DJ's could replace a beat in a song and it wouldnt throw the MC's off one bit....but it would bring the crowd to a roar.  I never had a bad experience watching them.

This record was a staple of mine for a solid 3 years. Through the end of my time in College and into the years of being on my own.  

Alot of hip-hop has come and gone in the past 15 years, but nothing has caught my complete attention since this record. I'm not saying there hasn't been some great records made, just nothing as smart as this one. Hip-Hop turned into a different animal in the 00's.  

This is the last hip-hp record on my list, not on purpose but because nobody has yet had the quality of songs that throwback hip-hop has.  I hope one day some new breed of hip-hop comes back and resurrects the old school way of smart beats and lyrics, and breathes new air back into my love for hip-hop.