5 favorite Brands

1. Apple

2. Mug's root beer

3. Neutrogena face wash

4. Facebook

5. Beats

Beats first gained my loyalty when I got a pair of  headphones for Christmas and they had great sound. I'd guess they would lose me as a fan if the products became too expensive or the quality of the sound and/or headphones was bad. For example of the headphone broke easily or with in a week of me buying them.

Apple first gained my loyalty in like the 8th grade when everyone was getting iPod touches 4th generation for there birthday or Christmas and when I got one I felt great because I had one too. Apple would loose my loyalty if the quality of their products wasn't very good like if their iPhones became easily breakable or if the the use of the phone itself was slow.

Neutrongena first gained my loyalty when my mom bought it and I used it in the shower and then my mom gave it to me and I've been using it ever sense. I like this product very much and use it everyday. In order for Neurogena to loose my loyalty the product would have to either not work at all or give me some kind of rash on my face.


1.What I think all logos have in common is that they catch people's eye and there out there and visible. Also all popular logos are seen everywhere, on TV, in magazines, on billboards, and when logos are put everywhere people see them thats what makes the logo popular.

2. If I were to make a logo it would have to evolve my name some how or my initials because well it's MY logo. Also my logo would have to evolve my brand or company.

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2 years ago

Well done and thoughtful, Alexa. Watch your homophones - some problems with "there," "their," and "they're."

2 years ago