Southern Colonies Region
Made By: Emily Siegel

Come down to the south and settle!

Some Facts Why You should come to the Southern Colonies!


The climate is the warmest out of the three colonies. The colonists didn't have to worry that much about surviving the cold winters. The warm climate made it possible to grow crops throughout the year.


It has fertile soil and a longer growing season. They grew tobacco, rice, and indigo.


They did shipbuilding, iron works, and fishing to earn money.

They had very good soil which made their crops grow easier. You would get to see how they grow their crops and how much they would use because how good their soil is.


Crops in the South region

They build ships for transportation to get to new places and also for trade. You would be able to see some of the ships that they made.

Rare flower in North Carolina

This flower known in North Carolina. It is very rare and beautiful, if you come down to the Southern Colonies you will be able to see this magnificent flower.

Angel Oak in South Carolina

This is a glorious tree in South Carolina. If you come down to the Southern Colonies, you'll be able to see this beautiful tree.